They’re handmade
laminated timber handlebars.
I make each one
numbered and initialled by me.
I’m a designer-maker
in Adelaide, South Australia.

Handlebars with bronze end details.
Australian Oak with Tasmanian Blackwood.
CNC bronze details at bar ends protect
the hand-finished laminations.

A stikK handlebar
is the constant in your line of sight
cruise, commute, chase kilometres
or just sit and have coffee.

If you push against the crowd – fit a stikK?

Document your journey
let the bronze
capture your spills, trips, nicks and scratches.
Your hands polish the bronze.
If you don’t ride often…
the bronze will tarnish.
So keep the bronze shining!

8 options, great choice.
Need help in choosing?
I’ve set a product naming parameter,
4 letters for the name of each product.
No reason.

stikK one on your bike:
wtff-stikK, ugli-stikK, flat-stikK, flat+-stikK,
bent-stikK, bent+-stikK, urbn-stikK and urbn+-stikK.

StikK handlebars have been tested:
AS/NZS 1927:1998 Appendix K6 and
AS/ANZ 1927:2010 Appendix L6
StikK handlebars exceed these requirements.

But still take care of them.
I made them.
Look after them, fffs, if you want them to last.

More stikK products in various stages of design development: trik-stikK, nonn-stikK, dipp-stikK

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