about david

I’ve always been interested in bikes and making things.
Around 1955 I began pestering my parents for a bike.
Dad worked at Wunderlich Ltd in Hobart and said there was a dusty 1930’s bike hanging on the factory wall which had been used to run messages around town before the war.

Dad brought home the dark blue ‘fixed wheel’ with white pinstriping in our 1953 Ford Prefect.

I made a small box with turn indicators and stop light using orange and red cellophane. Wires ran along the top tube up to a ‘D’ cell battery to switches where narrow strips of sheet copper pressed down to make contact. Electrical tape waterproofed the unit. Daylong rides all over Hobart exploring a widening world was freedom.

After high school, I bought a 1930 A Model Ford and spent two years working as a draftsperson on road design. I then hitched to Cairns with a mate and flew to Port Moresby where I did patrol work for Public Health.
I came back to Australia and trained as a high school teacher teaching History and English for 12 years.

In the early ‘80’s I completed a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the School of Art, University of Tasmania, majoring in contemporary furniture design.
Over the next 20 years, I worked as a designer-maker, establishing partnerships in Hobart and Adelaide. We designed and made product for retail, commercial, government and residential projects.

In 1992 I bought an A4 set of plans for a recumbent designed by Ian Sims of Greenspeed fame and with a friend, Martin Murray, we built a Greenspeed trike. Around 2005 it was stolen for the third time and I never saw my recumbent again.

So after all that in 2010 I bought a KHS Urban UNO single speed bike which features in a lot of the photos here.

Around this time I did a lot of riding and each time I rode out the gate I looked down at the leather-covered bullhorn handlebars thinking I could design something more original. Timber and bronze had to feature.

I wanted to ‘trick’ my bike.

The outcome…